The Inevitable Revolution of CrossFit Lake Travis

Both The Marquez and Boatright families feel they have really embraced what CrossFit has offered in terms of fitness and community. However, when CrossFit Lake Travis opened up its doors in May of 2013, the mindset of one of the families original envision was quite different than what you see today. However, it is this occurrence that we feel distinctly defines what makes CrossFit Lake Travis so special; a community of people with a common cause to help each other both mentally and physically. Now how did all this come to pass and what made CFLT what it is today?

CrossFit Lake Travis was built off a history of family and trust. By default, Frankie and Michael’s partnership essentially started back in 1990 when Frankie and Michael’s sister, Megan, attended elementary together and the two would meet on some special occasions.  As owners, we want every member to know who we are, where we came from and where we are going. We are here to change lives and we want the love and passion that helps shapes this place to be something our members and coaches experience as well. Life has a funny way of working everything out and we believe that everyone who is a part of our community would agree.

For the Marquez family, it had only been a year as members of another CrossFit gym and The Boatright family had only heard of the name CrossFit a few times when the idea of opening a gym was set into motion. Initially, Frankie and Casey really had no intention on bringing on another business partner.

Now fast forward a few years later. Both Frankie and Michael had started their families and during an impromptu passing at a birthday celebration, Frankie had mentioned to Michael about the groundworks of becoming a CrossFit affiliate. This seemed to have sparked some interest in Michael. Michael had mentioned to Frankie that if he was ever looking for a business partner, that he would be interested.

Now, when you think of The Boatright Family, you can rest assure they exemplify the true meaning of being a part of the CrossFit Lake Travis family? But what if we told you that initially when asked if they saw themselves as playing a larger role than just a business opportunity, that they in fact had no interest in working out, coaching, community involvement, etc. but their envision was strictly a business opportunity. Now in their defense, in the beginning they really didn’t know much about CrossFit, besides what they saw on ESPN or some crazy fitness videos their friends had posted on social media. But after much consideration, everyone decided to move forward with the understanding that both parties interest and expertise would create a great team, little did the Boatrights know how some things would change…

So then the inevitable happened; after a few months of opening the doors, Michael and Tahra began to drink the CrossFit Kool-Aide! They definitely enjoyed the benefits of what CrossFit had to offer as far as fitness, but they really started to notice the “community” side of what Frankie and Casey raved so much about. As time went on, Michael ended up getting his certificate as a Level 1 Trainer and became a Coach at CFLT. You can also catch Tahra working out and organizing socials events for the gym! What we have here is truly contagious and we really want you all to understand how we have revolutionized the meaning of staying fit as a community. Whether its our story or simply wanting to change your workout routine, we hope you come and join us.





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